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Revolutionize your understanding of intuition, manifestation, and empathic abilities.

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Hello Intuitives, Manifestors and explorers of consciousness,

I'm so excited that a book that is years in the making is being released very soon.

Until now, it has been available in prelaunch here, but as it's about a month away, I am preparing the Amazon page for it, so it is easier to get out to you faster, and to help with the rankings that Amazon works with.

The book is something I am very excited about as I reread it for one last edit.

It explains and teaches in simple ways to access you Intuition, Manifestation, and to fine-tune those Empathic Abilities. This isn't just a book; it's your going to help you unlock the potential of your mind that you didn't know was available, or if you knew, you just didn't know how. It will help you create the life you want using your inborn abilities of intuition and manifestation.

It's deep dives into the my latest discoveries on how to leverage The Present Moment, decode Deja Vu, make sense of Coincidence, and Luck—all for real manifestation. When you know how it works, you will gain a sense of empowerment that you may have never had before. The book will teach you that you are the wizard pulling the strings behind the curtain, while you are also living your life on the front side of the curtain in the 3D reality. This isn't your typical self-help and personal growth book; this is a roadmap to living your best life, right here, right now, if you take it seriously and put it in to practice. If you knew that the exercises shown in this book would set you on a course to find your life path and give you what you want, would it be worth it to do the work? Thats my promise to you. This book (and the course) is for you, if you are ready to do the work. And I also promise you that it's not a lot of work. The work is in making the time everyday when you would normally watch TV or watch videos.

You are a creator. You unconsciously shape your world. If you are reading this, you probably have an idea of this already. On the other hand, there are some who aren't certain of this or don't want to believe this, because life has been a difficult. If you feel that way, take a chance and put down your heavy bags and burdens in your mind for just a little while. You can pick them up again later if you feel like you have to. Give this book 30 to 90 days and reevaluate where you are in your mind, body and life as you become sensitized to more levels of awareness. Manifesting is the next level of creating. You will learn to train you're emotional state to be FESTive. Thats part of the word ManiFEST and it's one of the pieces that is needed.

The Intuition Method Book isn't just training; it's a lot more of an experience. It's the most comprehensive 360-degree immersion into the world of intuition, manifestation and energy work you'll ever get your hands on. It offers so many discoveries and secrets of the mind. Why secrets? They aren't known or aren't publicly discussed. Why not? Think about it like this. I can't share what's in section 3 of the book before you learn section 1 or it will make no sense. If it could make sense, I would shout it all from rooftops and you could heal the world right now. But You can't learn calculus without first learning what numbers are.

You know how in the movies, you see a wizard doing magic and wish you had those powers? You want to teleport, levitate, turn lead in to gold and save the day. To become the wizard in the movies, they trained for years. This may or may not be tales of lore, but if anything, it's a lesson in how training creates mastery. Learning your natural abilities is a shorter training, but to get better and better after you get the basics, it's up to you to practice, ask questions and stay curious when unusual things happen.

I've poured so much of my own awareness into this book and one reason it took so long to come out is I keep discovering new things. I cover how to send heart energy to anyone. Recently I discovered how to send it to yourself in a beautiful physical way. How can I not take the time to add it to the book? The lessons I've learned, the strategies I've developed are laid out for you. And what is in these pages will change your life like it has mine.

So, if you want to take charge of your life in a beautiful, honoring and powerful way, buckle up because the Intuition Method is your go-to be your guide for fast transformation. Get ready to open and connect to the power that you know is already there and make 2024 the time to unlock your dreams and make them a physical reality, too.

Some of the other topics I cover are harnessing the power of the present moment, experiencing déjà vu, navigating through coincidences, and explaining luck—all tailored for genuine manifestation. You've been a creator all your life, and now, it's time to elevate your game to the next level—it's a category or subset of creation called manifesting.

The Intuition Method stands tall as the most comprehensive 360-degree training available on the intricate art of intuition. Inside its pages, you'll uncover the secrets that you didn't have the time to search for, and many of the topics skillfully eluded you, because you can only hear what you are ready for, so your mind deletes it. I built a foundation in this book and course, so whatever you read makes sense to you based on the lessons before it, paving the way for a transformative journey to unlock the full potential of your gifts.

What I share in these pages should be life altering. If it's not, then I congratulate you, because you know the information already or on the other hand, you aren't putting down the heavy bags and burdens while you read which makes you miss the gentleness of the teaching. The wisdom and learnings that has reshaped my life and awareness is here for you to make a difference in your life, to those you care about, and to those you will care about as you feel more connected to strangers.

Are you ready to for a guide, a mentor, and a companion on your journey to a life shaped by the magic you were meant to be using all of your life, but somehow weren't taught. It doesn't matter if you were led away from your spiritual nature and abilities by misdirected education and programming, or if it was just lack of knowledge by those who brought you (and all of us) up, but if this book resonates with you get ready for a new life with new gifts and doors are waiting to be unlocked.

I want to shout for joy for you with what you are about to experience, as you begin to see and live life in a way that your inner voice has been patiently waiting for you to enter. There. has been a whispering to you form inside, from higher self, that it is right here for you right now. It is something that is just a shift in awareness away.

Welcome Welcome Welcome.

Dr. William

Intuition Method is a learning system built to integrate everyone into their powerful nature.

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