..Get to The Part Of Your Mind Where Everything is Available..

...Get to The Part Of Your Mind Where Everything is Available...

..Get to The Part Of Your Mind Where Everything is Available..

You are the Creator of Your Life.

You can steer the ship and navigate the waters to make it the life you desire.

Intuitive Insights

You are the Creator of Your LIfe.

You can steer the ship and navigate the waters to make it the life you desire.

Manifest anything by Developing your Intuition..and

become more Intuitive by learning to Manifest.

Why You have great Ideas in the Shower!

"When you learn how to use your intuition properly, you receive inner guidance.

Inner Guidance directs you to your purpose and life path. On your purpose and life path, you become clear in your thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Once you are clear, you can manifest anything."

From the Intuition Method of Consciousness

"Clapping your hands is a natural way to let a performer know you love their performance.

The reason you naturally clap near your heart is because your hands act as a radar dish or amplifier to direct the hearts powerful energy field to the person you are thankful for."

From the Intuition Method of Consciousness

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What if there was a way to Relieve Headaches in just minutes and even heal them?


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Energy Healing Work

Clearing the Energy Connected to Headaches

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Dr. William has done workshops and presentations at:

Everything Matters Live with Dr. Mercola, Modern Om, LeSound Temple, Distill and Express, Thrive In Life Immersion Summit,

Intuition Method Training, Mind Shift... and more.

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Jan. 20 LeSound Temple Ft Lauderdale. The First steps in making intuition something you can use anytime.

Feb: Miami. Intuition and Manifestation. Using Them as the Tools and Gifts that they Are.

Feb: Date Ft Lauderdale. Connecting Intuition and Manifestation abilities. The Yin and Yang of Creation.

Mar. 16th. Deerfield Beach. New Life Expo presenting on Intuition, manifestation and using energy to heal.

August-Sept. Antigua, Guatemala. 2.5 day Intuition Method Meditation and Manifestation Immersion.

What can you do with an instruction book for your minds abilities?

Understanding how to work with Layer One of the Mind is the key.

When you put into practice what you learn, life will never be the same.

From The award winning book, Piranha Yama and The Art of Non-Biting

Piranha Yama activates her inner light, her Candlini.

By Dr. William

The way the Mind Works.

Hello Intuitives, seekers and manifestors!

Dr. William here, and I wanted to share some wisdom with you about accessing the power of your subconscious mind. There are delicate steps, much like coaxing in a stray cat. Let me explain.

Picture this: There is an adorable stray cat in front of you. You want to take it home to care for it. Do you go chasing it? You know you don't or it will run. You bring out some mouth-watering food. You extend your hand, you whistle, and most importantly, you wait. You allow that cat to lower its guard, to build trust, and only then does it come to you.

Now, think about your subconscious mind—it operates in a similar fashion. You don't storm in with your intentions blazing. No, you approach it gently, with exercises and methods that ease the mind into relaxation. You want it to open up to you, to trust you, just like that cautious cat.

And remember, even when the cat started to approach, you moved slowly. The subconscious mind demands the same finesse. You don't want to spook it; you want it to welcome you in.

That's where the real magic happens. It's about exercising patience, building that trust, doing the work, and allowing your subconscious to let you in on its secrets.

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Dr. William Kalatsky

A dedicated healer specializing in migraines and chronic headaches.

With a background in chiropractic care and energy healing, he created the "Headaches Heal Method," focusing on mental patterns that trigger pain.

Based in Miami, Florida, Dr. William offers personalized coaching and group sessions, teaching practical techniques like intentional meditation and deep mind tapping for effective healing.

Dr. William is committed to empowering individuals to live pain-free lives through holistic, non-medical methods, transforming their approach to wellness.

Dr. William has done workshops and presentations at:

Everything Matters Live with Dr. Mercola

Modern Om

LeSound Temple

Distill and Express

Thrive in Life Immersion Summit

Intuition Method Training


"Think about how gentle it is when your subconscious sends you an intuitive message.

It’s like touching a strand of a spider web.

It almost feels like its nothing is there, and if you move against it quickly, you won’t feel it.

But if you move against it slowly, you will feel light pressure against your fingers, so you know it is there.

Intuition messages are found most easily in stillness."

Dr. William Kalatsky

Intuition Method is a learning system built to integrate everyone into their powerful nature.

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